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Authentic Amish Furniture – 100% Solid Wood
Made in the USA by Master Woodworkers!

Amish Mills: Angled Picture Frame
w/ Sliding Door
Wood Family Furniture is an authorized dealer of authentic Amish Furniture in Citrus County Florida. Wood Family Furniture only distributes the finest quality Amish furniture from the finest manufacturers, including Amish Mills, Ariel's Oak, and Wooden Leaf Furnishings.

Ariel's Oak Furniture:
AOBR Bentwood Rocker - AOSR Star Rocker

Amish Mills - Masters of Craftsmanship (Formerly Country Curios of Holmes County)

Wood Family Furniture is proud to offer Amish Mills furniture. Located right in the heart of the largest Amish community in the world. All Amish Mills furniture is 100% Amish crafted in accordance with centuries old woodworking techniques.

Amish Mills: Traditional Entertainment Center w/ Curio Sides

Amish Mills: Rope Twist Deluxe Curio

Amish Mills: Deluxe Mission Computer Desk

Amish Mills was first founded by Daniel and David Yoder in 1995. After owning a retail furniture store for two years, Daniel and David had been unable to find a suitable line of curved glass curios to fill their customer’s needs.

Seeing there were no Amish manufacturers of curio cabinets, the brothers started making their own – in three styles – rope twist, mirror back, and plain jane.

As word spread of new Amish built curio cabinets, orders began pouring in, causing the brothers to expand their business rapidly. In 1998 the business had outgrown its original production facility - and they moved to the current location in Mount Eaton, OH.

In 2003, Daniel and David sold the business to two other brothers - Chris and Ted Karman. The Karmans come from five generations of furniture builders - and they have continued to follow Daniel and David’s direction of producing outstanding quality furniture – and remaining true to the centuries old Amish woodworking techniques.

Amish Mills: Deluxe Secretary Desk w/ Doors

Amish Mills: Hutch
Today, while still manufacturing the three original curved glass curios, Amish Mills has expanded into other furniture designs such as home office furniture, tv entertainment centers, bookcases, hutches and custom work.

Ariel's Oak Furniture: 2-Tone, Table & Chairs

Visit the showroom at Wood Family Furniture in Crystal River or contact us today about your next Amish furniture purchase.

Quad M. Wood Products Handcrafted Amish-Made

Rustic log furniture in Red Cedar, Early American Pine and Aspen with quality that will last a lifetime. From beds to bookshelves, gun racks to garden furniture, everything for your home is available in your choice of wood.

Dutch Haus

The Standard in Wood Crafting

True to its Amish Heritage, Dutch Haus Electric Fireplaces are marked by a tradition of unsurpassed quality, solid construction and meticulous handmade craftsmanship.

Customers Are Warming Up to Dutch Haus

The real beauty of energy-efficient Dutch Haus Electric Fireplaces is that they allow customers to experience the comfort and ambience of a traditional fireplace year-round—without worry of child safety or the hassle of upkeep.